The Farm

The Sant’Appiano farm is located in one of the most enchanting corners of the Chianti region,
among the oldest churches and rolling hills which have made this landscape one of the most famous and loved in the world,
easily reachable from the main Tuscan cities, Florence and Siena.


The Sant’Appiano farm, one of the most ancient Tuscan estates, in the Chianti production area, has a history that has its roots in the fourteenth century, when it belonged to the Gherardini family. In the fifteenth and sixteenth century, the property was transferred to the Catellini family from Castiglione, then to the Pitti family, in order of succession, to the Ughi and the Ghibellini families that Dante in the sixteenth canto of Paradise, recalls as one of the great and noble families. 

… I saw the Ughi, saw the Catellini,
 Filippians, Greeks, Ormanns and Alberichs, 
Even in their fall, illustrious citizens…

Then came the Muzzi and Pier Francesco di Guccio Gucci from Florence. Arriving to the present day and to the current owners, the Cappelli Family, who acquired the property in 1963. It was Domenico Cappelli who, moved by an innate love for this country, unique in the world, where he grew up, decided to buy the farm. In this territory, to which he had always had a deep respect, Domenico gave body to his great passion: to produce wine.

After his death, in 1999, these feelings of respect, love and passion, have been passed down to the children and then to the grandchildren; and they still are those which are the basis of the farming today.
Among the many tangible signs that recount the ancient origins of the estate, a special mention must be made about the cellars, excavated by the Cappelli family. Dug out of the tuff rock within an Etruscan tomb, they still retain the original layout.

For three generations the Cappelli family has dedicated themselves to the farm
with passion and love trying to create a special place, with great respect for tradition and the territory that accomodates them.

The Farm

The Sant’Appiano farm is located in the locality of the same name in the municipality of Barberino Val d’Elsa. It lies in a strategic location between the two most beautiful cities of Tuscany; Florence and Siena, reachable in just 20 minutes by car, and is characterized by the imposing manor house, the historic wine cellars dug into the tuff rock and beautiful expanses of vineyards. Observing them one understands how time is marked by a different pace than from hectic city life. For three generations it has belonged to the Cappelli family, who carry on the business, with dedication, love and respect for the territory.

Today the production of the farm includes a rich selection of fine nectars, labelled Chianti DOCG. The famous and traditional reds, are joined by a white, a rosé, a sparkling prosecco wine and Vin Santo. The latter, the Divinum Chianti DOCG 2006, jumped to the headlines after being chosen by Habanos, the most famous international manufacturer of Cuban cigars to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cohiba cigar, the most expensive, iconic and famous in the world, on the occasion of the XVIII edition of the Habanos Festival, which took place between late February and early March 2016.
The estate also produces extra virgin olive oil and an excellent grappa. The Sant’Appiano Farm has maintained over the years, the familiar character that has always distinguished it: the production and sale of the products is in fact followed by the owners, combining tradition and experience with the most modern winemaking techniques.

The Farm is located in the village of the same name located in the hills between Florence and Siena,
in the Elsa Valley, populated since ancient times thanks to its favourable geographical position within Tuscany.

The surrounding area and its curiosities

In the surrounding area of the Farm, travelling along winding roads that characterize the Chianti countryside, you can discover the hidden and unspoilt corners of Tuscany, where time seems to stand still: ruins of old houses, medieval villages and ancient churches.

Such as the splendid Romanesque Church of Sant’Appiano, which is just a few steps from the Sant’Appiano Farm. Dating back to the ninth century, it houses an important historical artifact, reflecting the presence in the place of the Gherardini family. This is the most ancient chivalry tomb in Tuscany: the Gherarduccio Gherardini tombstone, buried here in 1331.

It was the various branches of the Gherardini family who ensured that a group broke away from the Florentine origins to arrive even to Ireland, where they founded the Fitz Gerald dynasty which later moved to Boston. The surname Gherardini was difficult to pronounce for the British and was therefore transformed into Geraldines from which comes Fitz Gerald (children of Gerald). It was Thomas Fitzgerald, grandfather of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who moved from Ireland to the States. This truth emerged, for the first time, in 1962: it was the same John Fitzgerald Kennedy to tell the story, on the occasion of his speech for Columbus Day.

La pieve di Sant'Appiano nel comune di Barberino val d'ElsaLa corte della pieve di Sant'Appiano nel comune di Barberino val d'ElsaL'interno della pieve di Sant'Appiano nel comune di Barberino val d'Elsa

Where we are

Via S. Appiano, 11 – 50021 Barberino Val D’Elsa – Florence – Italy
Latitude and longitude 43.5122518,11.1473122