Sant’Appiano Church

This outstanding church, located just few metres from our farm, is well preserved; it shows a clear difference between the left side, which is the oldest (XI century) and the right side, more “modern” (XII century). The first is built by stones, with simple arches that rest on square pillars, the second is built by […]

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Some pizza tips

Some Pizza Tips

Since pizza pairs well with our rosé, we are glad to share some tips for making a good pizza at your place. The hotter the better. we are sure you know that pizza should be baked with temperatures reaching 450 degrees in a wood fired oven, but it’s ok using a domestic one (preheated) set in […]

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Secretum IGT Toscana rosato

Our Rosè “Secretum”

“Secretum” is a 100% sangiovese rosé wine with a beautiful structure and freshness. The bottle is tall and tapered and the label runs vertically. The process of a brief pressing of the skins gives our rosé a light salmon colour. The fruity bouquet and its freshness makes it a very pleasant wine to drink. It […]

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Sereno variabile

For those who missed the episode of #SerenoVariabile aired on Saturday, September 12th, at the link below you can see an excerpt. Starring the #FattoriaSantappiano. Happy viewing !! A row of vines for you – Sereno Variabile Treasure Hunt – Sereno Variabile

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