Living the farm

The Cappelli family offer four different opportunities to make their guests stay even more enjoyable.
Four different experiences which allow them to get to know better, to appreciate and be participants of life on the farm, utilizing to their best the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Cooking classes

In a modern and comfortable kitchen, housed in a room next to the cellars, visitors can become chef for a day.
With the help of specialized personnel and everything needed made available from the farm, they prepare themselves a typical three course lunch.
At the end they will sample the cooked dishes, tasting the wines and the extra virgin olive oil produced by the Sant’Appiano farm.

Wine tasting

The cellar completely dug out of tuff rock, belonged for years to prestigious families such as the Pitti and the Gherardini, it is the ideal place to savour the Sant’Appiano precious nectar. Along with wine, to be enjoyed in a unique environment where everything tells of the history, art and traditions of the farm’s wine, a plate of Tuscan flavours will be served. And, with this opportunity, you can also visit the cellar where the wine is aged in barrels.

Light lunch

with a visit to the farm

If your dream is to sit at a table, elegantly prepared and have lunch surrounded by a romantic and magical atmosphere the Sant’Appiano cellars are the place for you. Here you can have a tasty light lunch consisting of three courses, enhanced by bright green extra virgin olive oil and accompanied by the seven precious nectars, produced on the farm. After lunch you can visit the estate.

Truffle hunting

Through this activity guests can experience something unique, fun, and exciting, discovering the unknown world of the truffle, much appreciated on the steaming dishes offered in top restaurants. Under the guidance of an expert truffle hunter and his faithful dog, you will venture out in search of the precious tuber. Around the hills between Siena and Florence, in the beautiful and relaxing environment, we will choose the location of the walk, according to the truffle season and weather conditions. At the end of the walk you will be able to sample some truffles paired with Chianti wine: all within the magical atmosphere of the cellars of the Sant’Appiano farm.

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