Adopt a row of vines in Chianti

Do you want to make a contribution to the affirmation of the culture of wine, while offering a diversion, a different experience in a region, Tuscany, rich in charm and culture, in a place, Chianti, immersed in history and nature. There are, in fact, many wine lovers who dream of a vineyard and a wine cellar to run but for a lack of time or necessity are unable to.

Adopt a row of vines

at the Sant’Appiano Club

Adopt a row of vines is the right answer for these passionate dreamers. By entering the Sant’Appiano Club they can participate, as observers, in the practical life of the vineyard and the cellar; They can learn “on the job” as the Americans say, follow the growing trend of the plant, they can attend some typical tasks such as pruning, tying, the harvest, the racking and tasting during ageing, but also learn how to recognize the vines, which treatments to use against major pests etc. and then finally have their own personalized bottles…
in short, they can follow the birth and maturation of their wine.

From the vine to the bottle,
wine is not just what’s inside
but ancient and modern culture.

The adoption process consists of several stages which correspond to the stages of production and processing of the wine.
The first step consists in choosing which row to adopt and in the purchase of a certificate. From that moment it is possible to follow the production in the vineyard and in the winery taking part in the most important moments of the wine season: pruning, from January to March, the tying, in March and April; the harvest in September.
When finally, after a lot of care, passion and hard work, the wine is ready you may pick up the booked bottles, by presenting the adoption certificate.

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We will gladly answer all your questions concerning this interesting activity.

The bottles, labeled with the logo of the farm, will be personalized with the name of the adopter, the number of the row and the name of the vineyard to which it belongs. In addition to the pleasant personal consumption they can also be used as a welcome gift to offer to customers, co-workers, friends and family.